The Best Accountants in Powell River

The Best Accountants in Powell River
The best accountants in Powell River. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

While we would like to provide service to every company that comes to our site, we realize that we are not the best fit for every company. You may need more, or less, than we are able to offer. We sometimes are asked to refer to other Powell River accountants, so to save you asking the sometimes awkward question, here are some of the best accountants in Powell River.

Reid Hunter

A Chartered Professional Accounting firm serving both Powell River and Comox/Courtenay. The firm specializes in owner operated businesses with a service focus toward financial statement and corporate tax preparation, personal taxes, bookkeeping and consulting.


The only firm in town that prepares Audit and Review engagements. dmd is a Chartered Professional Accounting firm that truly delivers professional and accurate financial services to their clients.

Lamont and Company

Diana Lamont has operated as a staple of accounting in Powell River for many years. She has a team of qualified employees that assist her in providing a very personalized approach to accounting and bookkeeping.

Banking On It Bookkeeping

Aaron Reid and her team has provided Powell River with careful and accurate bookkeeping for many years now. Aaron Reid is very involved in the community that she lives. BOIB’s “dedicated and experienced professionals are knowledgable in payroll, full-cycle bookkeeping and government filings including but not limited to: T4’s, T4A’s, GST, PST, WCB, T5018’s, corporate tax installments, records of employment, as well as PVRT and ADF fees.”

Please note, there are other accountants out there! I’ve only listed the few that I’ve had direct dealings with, or with whom my clients have dealt with.  This isn’t to say that someone else couldn’t meet your accounting needs, only that I don’t have enough knowledge of their capabilities, expertise, customer service and success to recommend them.

Here are some of the other Powell River Accountants of whom I am aware (I’ve not yet met them all):

Duke & Company

H&R Block

Song Hu and Associates

AD Computer & Accounting Services (no website)

Byte Size Tax Shop Ltd. (no website)

Lisa Bookkeeping (no website)

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